We help management teams succeed by aligning our flexible capital to their ambitions

What makes Pelican Capital different?

As experienced partners, we are focussed on building strong and long-lasting relationships, working with management teams throughout their journey as a private equity backed business. We are the single point of contact from initial investment right through to selling the business, typically 3 – 5 years later.

Our funding comes directly from family offices. This means we can be more pragmatic and supportive in our approach than other sources of capital.

We take a genuine interest in what will make our management teams successful and work hard to help them achieve it. We can empathise with their challenges having set up and run our own investor-backed businesses previously.

We invest a substantial amount of our own capital in the businesses we partner with, creating alignment between us, our management teams and our investors.

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Experienced Investors

The founding partners began Pelican Capital to give family offices access to the capital returns generated when management teams have the right support to grow their business.

We have a combined experience of more than 25 transactions and over 20 years in private equity. We feel passionately about what we do.

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Supportive Partners

At Pelican Capital, we can empathise with management teams from our experience of setting up, running and raising funding for our own previous businesses. We look to partner with management teams needing up to £30m of equity funding to accelerate growth and, where required, facilitate ownership change.

We are focused on what will make our management teams successful and we are the single point of contact for them from first meeting through to exit. We have broad sector experience and look to help teams professionalise their business, as well as to develop and execute the right strategy to maximise growth.

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Date: March 2020; Sector: Compliance Services; Exited: August 2022

Date: September 2020; Sector: Parking Technology; Exited: July 2022

Date: Feburary 2022; Sector: Cloud Technology

Date: April 2023; Sector: Mobility data and software

Date: January 2024; Sector: Cyber security

Date: May 2024; Sector: Tech-enabled legal services

Date: May 2024; Sector: Ed-Tech