Potential Investors

At Pelican Capital, we look to provide family offices with the advantages of private equity investing, without the well understood disadvantages of committing to a traditional fund model such as:

  • Fixed deal structure / sector mandates that prevent opportunistic investing
  • Blind pooling of capital with no veto on investments once capital is committed
  • Fixed timelines that can incentivise exits at suboptimal value

Our solution is to provide quality deal flow directly to family offices and HNW investors, allowing them to choose individual businesses to hold in their private equity portfolio. This approach allows family offices to invest in growing and sustainable assets without committing to a fund structure. Our fees and our way of working are simple, transparent and aligned to our investors.

We typically invest as a majority but will also consider minority investments with the appropriate investor protections. Our approach allows us to look at all opportunities on their individual merit, with our typical investment being into UK based companies with sustainable profits greater than £1m.

We invest a substantial amount of our own capital alongside the families, who select investments on a deal by deal basis, with a combined equity cheque of up to £15m in each transaction.

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Potential Companies

At Pelican Capital, we understand what it means to build a business. We know that when we invest in businesses, we are investing in people. We want to get to know and support the management teams that we invest in.

We are generalist investors with broad sector experience. We understand that we cannot know more about a business that its people do. Instead, we look to add value through our experience of driving fast growth across a range of businesses.

We work with teams to develop and execute their strategy as well as helping them to professionalise and adopt appropriate corporate governance, all of which drive value for them as shareholders in the business.

Our flexible approach allows us to invest in a wide range of businesses on a majority or minority basis, with our typical investment being into UK based companies with sustainable profits greater than £1m.

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